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Manly Camp Branding

Graphic • Branding

I was asked to create consistent branding which would evoke a certain emotion to attract fathers to sign up for “Manly Camp.” During this weekend, dads and their sons gather to do “manly” things and focus on building the “next generation of men.”

To accomplish this goal, I conducted an in-depth interview with an individual within the target market. Certain themes appeared in the conversation: 01 Preserving Memories, 02 Finding Affirmation, and 03 Evoking Nostalgia. Much attention was given to the fact that sons “grow up so fast,” and now is the time to make an impact on their lives.

The result was a brand mark meant to evoke the bond between father and son. The silhouettes echo each other in order to enforce their connection with each other. The shield represents fortitude, chivalry, and character.